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Exhibition "Carnet de Voyage"

A traveller contemplating the infinite horizon is ready to challenge dangers and fate to reach the most precious and rare raw materials. The attraction of the invisible, the scent of perfume, has always led Venetian merchants to ply the seas.

Carnet De Voyage is an illustrated olfactory journey that enlightens visitors about the origin of The Merchant of Venice perfumes in a dimension suspended between fantasy and reality.

A traveller, the spirit of adventure, and the world of essences are the three protagonists of this Carnet de Voyage. The travel stories combine the watercolours by the Venetian artist, Guido Fuga, with the evocative texts of Joan Giacomin, both of whom take their inspiration from the fragrances made by the artistic perfumery company, The Merchant of Venice.

Drawings and words outline an itinerary that is beyond space and time, and where the main ele-ment is the sense of smell, the most mysterious and primitive of all senses.

Is it possible to translate a fragrance into an image? Is it equally possible to recreate the sensa-tions through words? In an array of mirrors, between anachronism and historical truth, the inten-tion was to imagine this traveller capturing the most precious raw materials throughout the world, and delivering them to a Venetian muschiere. Such a perfume maker created new, unprecedented fragrances, those that today are recreated in the precious bottles of The Merchant of Venice.

Carnet de Voyage guides us through an olfactory journey between past and present; an exciting itinerary to be discovered through the senses, a journey with ethereal contours as in a dream, or perhaps as the delicate daubs of a watercolour drawing - elusive as a notebook of emotions, un-conquerable as the trail of a noble perfume.

Guido Fuga is a Venetian architect and cartoonist, who worked with Hugo Pratt for thirty years. He describes himself as a curious traveller and a great dreamer.

Joan Giacomin is a makeup artist. Always synaesthetic, over the years she developed a passion for writing and perfumes.

The Merchant of Venice is the artistic perfumery brand inspired by the city of Venice and its cen-turies-old trade with the Orient. Established in 2013, it includes exclusive collections involving a wide range of Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, personal care and home products.

Carnet De Voyage is a project by Marco Vidal, CEO of The Merchant of Venice, with the support of Mavive SpA and in collaboration with the Fondazione dei Musei Civici di Venezia.


9th May – 13th October 2019

Museum of Mocenigo Palace, Venice

Santa Croce, 1992 VE

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