Blue Tea and Rosa Moceniga gins win "The WineHunter Award"

The Merchant of Venice is pleased to announce that Blue Tea and Rosa Moceniga gins, created in collaboration with the Zu Plun company, have been awarded the important The WineHunter Award.

The gins were particularly appreciated by the jury having won the Gold Seal for Blue Tea fragrance gin and the Red Seal for Rosa Moceniga fragrance gin.

Research, discovery and sharing of excellence: this is The WineHunter Award the official award of the Merano WineFestival, established by event patron Helmuth Köcher.

Every year, The WineHunter hunts the best Italian food and wine products to offer to those attending the Merano WineFestival. A great work of continuous selection that The WineHunter and its tasting commissions carry out for an entire year and that sees its moment of maximum celebration with the wine and food event.

The Merchant of Venice is proud of its fragrances appreciated not only in the perfume field but also in the food and wine field.

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