Four new fragrances presented at Esxence for the Accordi di profumo collection


di Profumo

A fascinating journey to discover sustainability in the Venetian Perfumery Art.

One year after the launch of the Accordi di Profumo collection, The Merchant of Venice continues its journey into the world of sustainability, reinterpreting in a contemporary key the most iconic ingredients of perfumery, some already told in the ancient botanical manuscripts of the time of the Serenissima.


In 2023 the Accordi di Profumo collection is enriched with 4 new Eau de Parfum of exceptional olfactory quality, always born from the precious partnership created with the leading company in the Givaudan market with the aim of enhancing sustainable processes in the procurement of raw materials for the common good. Sharing once again the commitment of the Givaudan Foundation and the Sourcing4Good project, The Merchant of Venice has selected and made protagonists 4 new iconic perfumery ingredients obtained through sustainable, traceable and transparent production chains, contributing to the livelihood of local communities.


The iconic rose of the olfactory winds comes to count 12 fragrances, divided equally in the four main olfactory families, each characterized by an evocative color:


  • green for the fresh citrus fruits Bergamot Italy and Orange Brazil, to which is added Petitgrain Paraguay
  • rose for the delicate flowered Tuberosa India and Neroli Morocco, with the new Rosa Turkey
  • orange for the warm amber Tonka Venezuela and Saffron Iran, enriched with Vanilla Madagascar
  • brown for the deep woody Patchouli Indonesia and Sandalwood Australia, along with the more recent Vetiver Haiti.


Le Fragranze

PETITGRAIN PARAGUAY EAU DE PARFUM 30 ML                       

Olfactory family: citrus

Obtained by steam distillation of the branches and leaves of the bitter orange, the petitgrain intrigues us with its green, crisp and sparkling notes. This effervescent scent blends perfectly with Litsea Cubeba, an intense citrus note from China. The result is an exciting and sparkling fragrance, with herbaceous and fruity shades.

Sustainable raw materials: Litsea cubeba essential oil

"My intention was to create a cologne that evoked a sense of classic elegance with a touch of modernity. I captured the vibrant freshness of citrus that create a joyful hint of bubbly and vitality, enhanced by the vegetal note of Petitgrain, to give a subtle earthy undertone to the fragrance combining it with transparent flowers to give a light and airy touch."

The nose, Nisrine Grillié


TURKEY ROSE EAU DE PARFUM 30 ML                                                     

Olfactory family: flowery

Between the lakes Burdur and Egyrdir, in the region of Isparta in Turkey, terraced fields host an abundance of roses. Harvested from May to June, the flowers are picked by hand in the morning and processed by solvent extraction. The result is the one and only Damask Rose Absolute, which exudes elegance and warmth with a touch of honey.

Sustainable Raw Materials: Rose Absolute

"When I created this fragrance, I wanted to capture the essence of a rose just picked from a flower garden in May, delicate and innocent, but at the same time opulent and bewitching. It takes just one sniff to instantly reconnect with the beauty of nature."

The nose, Carine Certain Boin



Olfactory family: amber

Evoking sweet childhood memories, vanilla seeds enchant us with their delicious seduction. Harvested from June to August in the northeastern region of Madagascar, the green vanilla pods are dried in the sun and in the shade and processed in stages. A final solvent extraction produces an absolute rich, intense and highly addictive.

Sustainable Raw Materials: Vanilla Absolute

"During my trip to Madagascar, I was privileged to witness responsible vanilla sourcing and the positive impact on local communities. This experience inspired me to create this fragrance that captures the true essence of vanilla with a warm, sweet and sophisticated aroma that persists on the skin."

The nose, Gaël Montero


VETIVER HAITI EAU DE PARFUM 30 ML                         

Olfactory family: woody

The most refined and balanced of Vetiver’s qualities, in Haiti it is harvested for a period of seven months in the Les Cayes region. The precious oil is extracted from the roots through a steam distillation process. Dry, earthy, with smoky accents and nuances of walnut, this faceted wood serves as a flying carpet for exotic and imaginary places.

Sustainable raw materials: Vetiver essential oil

The fragrance I created is an ode to the simple and irresistible beauty of fine woods and Vetiver, which captures its vibrant essence. The result is a fragrance that is both natural and refined, evoking the essence of a forest in bloom.

The nose, Yann Vasnier


 The Accordi di Profumo collection

Launched in 2022 with eight innovative Nature-Conscius Eau de Parfum, the Accordi di Profumo collection aims to tell, through a wonderful journey, the theme of sustainability and attention to the well-being of the environment in the world of perfumery. 

The term "Chords" in the language of perfumery represents the harmonious combination of notes of perfume. The name of the Accordi di Profumo collection also wants to recall the cultural soul of the brand, assuming an educational concept towards the consumer, to bring it to the discovery of the cornerstones of perfumery. Each fragrance is "monothematic" and olfactory enhances the single raw material protagonist of the creation, whose name is expressed in Italian together with the origin to emphasize the importance of traceability that distinguishes the project.

Always with a view to sustainability and greater attention to the environment, each fragrance in the collection is enclosed in a 30ml glass bottle made in Italy. The matt white finish and glossy black cap enhance the touch of color of the label that bears the name of the fragrance and recalls the family olfactory.

The cases, made of biodegradable paper obtained from algae, bring in the background an ancient representation of the raw material, always with the same nuances.

The essentiality and olfactory purity that characterizes Perfume Agreements makes these Eau de Parfum wearable individually or combined together following the concept of layering, or layering, to create a tailor-made perfume directly on the skin, with its own and unique nuances and facets.




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