There is a scent of novelty in The Merchant of Venice

From February 1st it is online new The Merchant of Venice website.
The website has been designed to be easy to navigate for all users and allows direct access to the Venetian Perfumery Art.
The user will immerse themselves in an experience similar to the boutiques, discovering all the products strictly Made in Venice, the news and services that the brand offers as the very latest personal shopper service. An approach that offers simplicity in the purchase process in all sections of the website and focus on the product.
"2020 brought a boom in online sales for The Merchant of Venice - explains Marco Vidal, CEO of the company - for this reason the digital area will continue to be further enhanced in the future. Other projects related to the digital world are coming for 2021 because we firmly believe in this branch of marketing and sales”.
The creation of the new website is the result of the collaboration between the team of The Merchant of Venice and the e-commerce provider Calicantus. The project was developed on the Presta-Shop platform in Italian and English. The shipments currently cover all of Europe and the United States.

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