The boutique in Verona is the fourth point of sale to open, following that of the historical Flagship Store in Campo San Fantin, the precious Spezieria all'Ercole d'Oro (both in Venice), and the exclusive Concept Store in Murano.

Adjacent to an elegant arched window draped in green ivy, the visitor enters through a beautiful doorway and is immediately introduced to the world of The Merchant of Venice, which is instantly recognisable through the use of typical colours and decorations: the Italian hickory wood, the gilded finishes, the inlaid frames on the walls, along with the wall paper that reproduces the patterns of the fabrics of Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice that houses the Perfume Museum and The Merchant of Venice design its official line.
The table at the centre of the room displays the main lines of the brand, exhibited on personalised trays.
On the walls there are black lacquered shelves, which display the collection of The Merchant of Venice, each ones is framed by a picture and other elements that narrate the concept that inspired its creation. The Perfume Decanters ® made in Murano Glass are the olfactory support to brings out the precious fragrances.
Proceeding further into the shop, there is a salon, where the most exclusive collection by The Merchant of Venice, the Murano Art Collection, presents with its six Vases and nine Extrait de Parfum.
In the same room there are two olfactory display, inspired by the olfactory tables of the ancient perfumers. These elements allow guests to interact directly with the essences and, through the Museum Collection and the Perfumer Kit, also encourage them to create a personalised perfume. This area of the shop has been specifically designed to enable the client to participate in an all-involving shopping experience.

The map of the “mude” trade routes, the rich wall paper, the soft carpet in the salon, and the olfactory tables narrate a story grounded in the perfumery culture, the luxury, and the traditions of Venice.
The interior design is reminiscent of Palazzo Mocenigo, which masterfully embodies the concept of cultural luxury. The brand desires to convey this concept through a contemporary interpretation of exhibiting technique developed by the architect, Paolo Lucchetta, an expert in Retail Design.

Corso Sant’Anastasia 10
37121 Verona
Tel. 0039 045 59 03 56

Open from Monday to Saturday with the following opening hours:
10.30am - 1.30pm / 3.30pm - 7.30pm

3.30pm - 7.30pm

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