Bottega Cini was born from the encounter between 3 entrepreneurial realities of the world of culture, the Vittorio Cini Archive Foundation, The Merchant of Venice and Museyoum, excellence in their respective sectors, to keep alive, develop and spread, also in synergy with other institutions, the secular Venetian tradition of artisan production and trade in refined artistic and consumer goods and high quality services (from books to glass, perfume, objects, merchandising and today to virtual and immersive reality). It promotes the collection and presentation, also in various multimedia forms, of documentation on the protagonists of social, cultural, historical and artistic life, training, research and experimentation, with absolutely innovative technologies, of involving events and experiences.

Bottega Cini is a new Concept Store that wants to be a point of dialogue between culture and Venetian companies. Bottega Cini aims to create a new type of museum shop, a Renaissance workshop reinterpreted in a contemporary key.

La Bottega is a commercial space that combines the Venetian perfumery art of The Merchant of Venice with other excellences of the territory, such as the Impiraressa Marisa Convento that settles inside the Bottega with its own laboratory, the NasonMoretti glassworks, Ercole Moretti, the publishing houses Marsilio and Lineadacqua, the ancient artisan paper mill Toscolano 1381 and other artisan realities that will be added gradually.

Open every days with the following opening hours:

10.00am - 1.00pm / 2.00pm - 7.00pm

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