Aware of the importance of protecting and preserving our planet, which is already affected by the many social and environmental challenges created by climate change, population growth, resource scarcity and poverty, at The Merchant of Venice we have introduced increasingly sustainable practices in the creation of our products.

A responsibility taken not only towards the planet, but also towards customers who are mindful of sustainability as well as the well-being of the environment and who expect companies to adopt eco-sustainable solutions in order to reduce their impact on the territory as much as possible.

This is a journey undertaken with an eye towards the future of perfumery which has its foundations in three fundamental pillars: Made in Italy, Sustainability and Traceability. We aim to evolve into a more sustainable company, whilst enhancing our innate passion, expertise and heritage.

From packaging to the fragrances themselves, we take care of our products by adopting solutions around the concept of nature-consciousness:

    • 100% of our products are carefully made in Italy

    • On all our products, we are committed to providing information on the correct disposal and recycling of the various components

    • For our Eau de Parfum and Eau de Parfum Concentrèe we only use glass bottles, a sustainable, recyclable and safe raw material, obtained from natural materials

    • For our body lines, we use PET bottles, a 100% recyclable material

    • Our head office is self-sufficient, using a major photovoltaic system that produces clean energy. 

It is an ambitious project that we are proud to have embarked on to improve the environmental impact of our company, and that will continue in the coming years with the introduction of increasingly planet-friendly processes and practices, in the hope of contributing, to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations.

Accordi di Profumo: Made in Italy, Sustainability and Traceability

Proud of our heritage and our territory, we mainly select Italian suppliers, who are reliable and experienced in the sector, to support us in meeting the expectations of an increasingly demanding market. Made in Italy is worldwide recognised as a synonym for high quality and safety, thanks to protected and controlled production chains. Relying on partners who respect our values and have ethical and sustainable standards is an important choice. We aim to enhance and contribute to the economic development of the country whilst limiting the environmental impact of transport and production processes.

In Accordi di Profumo, the “Made in Italy” can be found in several packaging elements, including glass bottles coming from a leading global player with production facilities in the Venice province. For years the company has been adopting environmental protection practices, such as reducing CO2 emissions, energy consumption and waste, taking its inspiration from the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  

The boxes created for the collection are designed with sustainability in mind as well. The protagonist in this case is the innovative Alga Carta, the ecological and recyclable paper whose history is linked to Venice. In fact, it was originally created as a creative reuse, or upcycling, of algae that were damaging the fragile lagoon ecosystem and today continues to support marine environments in other parts of the world subject to this problem. With its unique natural appearance, thanks to the algae particles which are visible on the surface, this choice aims to enhance the use of innovative materials in the packaging and places the world of naturalness and sustainability at the heart of the collection.

Finally, transparency and the possibility of being able to trace the origin of the raw materials up to their introduction onto the market, nourished our desire to identify suppliers, including of our essences, which can guarantee the supply of ingredients of responsible and sustainable origin.

For Accordi di Profumo, we have chosen to establish an exclusive partnership with global fragrance leader, Givaudan, sharing both Givaudan Foundation and the Sourcing4Good project commitments to the process of sourcing the best raw materials for the common good. At the heart of each fragrance is therefore a selection of responsibly sourced ingredients that guarantee traceability whilst contributing to the livelihood of local communities. From bergamot, harvested in Italy according to tradition, whose essential oil is obtained using an innovative extraction process to capture all its facets and avoid waste, to the tonka bean, whose collection is part of a Givaudan Foundation programme to support Venezuelan harvesting families and preserve the Amazonian forest, each Eau de Parfum is defined by a raw material that enhances its uniqueness. Next on our sustainability and traceability journey we find cistus, harvested by local communities in Andalusia, as well as Australian sandalwood, preserving the endangered Indian species Santalum Album, up to Indonesian Patchouli, where the Foundation protects the communities. All these factors have become fundamental elements of our ethics.  

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