String Scented Lanter Blue And Yellow...
String Scented Lanter Blue And Yellow...

String Scented Lanter Blue And Yellow With 4 Tea Lights

The String Lantern blue and yellow is handmade by Murano-glass masters of Nasonmoretti furnace. Combined with the scented Tea Lights, the String Lantern gives to the environment a unique and delicate atmosphere.

Thanks to its duo color mix, this String Lantern evokes the blue of the sea and the precious gold of bysantium mosaics of Venetian Saint Marco basilica. Handcrafted by master glass blowers, it's the perfect object to create warm and welcoming athmospheres.

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The Merchant of Venice has developed a collection of Home Fragrances in Murano glass, which was designed and developed in collaboration with the renowned glass factory, NasonMoretti. The home fragrances collection is made by different scented lanterns called “String”, proposed in different chromatic combinations that are inspired by the shapes of cognac glasses. The collection is further enriched with diffusion vases, which also mirror the shape of the bottles in the Murano Collection. The vases will feature four different fragrances, which are reminiscent of the relevant essences of the tea light: Egyptian Linen, Orange Flowers, Amber Intense, and Cachemire Wood.

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