Bottega Cini exclusively presents the documentary From the Plague to Health. History of pandemics in Venice. Online premiere: 20 November on the Bottega Cini FB page

A journey to discover a very current and interesting theme, that of pandemics, which has covered the history of Venice over the centuries, characterizing the policies of prevention and management of migratory flows of the Serenissima.
Venice was the first city to have a structured health system to deal with the black death, as the plague was called, which has caused many of the great epidemics that have occurred in its history, claiming numerous victims.
The documentary From the Plague to Health. History of pandemics in Venice tells the path taken by the Serenissima in the prevention and treatment of epidemic diseases, focusing in particular on the intuition of effective measures that are still adopted today by modern medicine.
An unprecedented in-depth study on the theme of the plague addressed by the Serenissima and on the importance of the centuries-old experience of Venice and the University of Padua in the approach to epidemics, with reference also to the sacred places that remain as evidence of them and to the customs and traditions still today strongly felt.
Written and conducted by Alberto Toso Fei, directed by the Venetian director Tommaso Giusto and conceived by Marco Vidal, CEO of The Merchant of Venice, the documentary sees the participation of Professor Nelly Vanzan Marchini, the highest historical authority on the issue of Venetian healthcare, and of the professor emeritus Giorgio Palù, virologist of international caliber.
Given the strong link with Venice and the theme so dear to the Venetians, the documentary was originally supposed to be screened for free at the Bottega Cini exhibition space in San Vio (Venice). The current situation created by the health emergency has unfortunately led to the temporary suspension of the activity. It was therefore decided to create an online event on Bottega Cini's Facebook page, where the video will be visible in premiere on Friday 20 November, from 2 pm to midnight and then available from the following day on the Youtube channel The Merchant of Venice.


A non-profit project promoted by The Merchant of Venice and the Vittorio Cini Archive Foundation, partner in the Bottega Cini project.

Thanks for their support: the Veneto Regional Council, the Patriarchate of Venice, the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, the Lazzaretto Nuovo and the Lazzaretto Vecchio, the I Gondolieri Restaurant, the L'Arte dei Mascareri Company, the Spezieria all'Ercole Gold.

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