Mandarin Carnival Edp
Mandarin Carnival Edp

Mandarin Carnival Edp

Sicily has the power to enchant you with its colours: its deep blue sea and sky, ï¬elds of green, and rainbows of rich and aromatic flowers. It is like being present at a costumed-ball. Mandarin carnival embodies these colours with its bursts of the citrus freshness of the finest native mandarins and also, through the sweetness of tamarind, it brings to mind the aura and mystique of exotic lands.

The fragrance Mandarin Carnival is enclosed in a vibrant playful flacon coloured in a fresh blue with a murrina design. It recalls the ancient decoration technique of Murano glassmakers.

  • 50ml
  • 100 Ml.
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Mandarin Carnival is inspired by the Muda del Trafego.

The Muda del Trafego was headed towards Tunis and, following Africa as far as Alexandria, ending in Beirut. Many citrus fruits were imported via this route, as well as valuable raw materials such as citrus sandalwood, oregano, myrtle, mastic and black mustard.

Olfatory Pyramid

Top notes


Heart notes

Orange Flower

Base Notes

Blonde Woods

Murano Collection

This collection is composed by six fragrances Eau de Parfum dedicated to mude, to the essential oils and to the raw materials imported by Venetian merchants from the far Orient. The spices, the aromas, and the rare essences were expertly selected by merchants from among those that were most aspired and precious. The masterly expertise of the time honoured Venetian traditions turns an enchanted journey into a dream.

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