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The Merchant of Venice launches an innovative online service of personal shopper

The Merchant of Venice launches for the first time in the world of perfumery an innovative and revolutionary live purchasing consultancy service.

A new type of sensory experience through which the artistic perfumery brand wants to re-establish a human contact with its customers, thanks to its highly professional consultants and experts in the sector.

 Thanks to this live platform, during their navigation on The Merchant of Venice website, customers will be able to interact with specialists in a sophisticated presentation of the collections that will guide them in the choice of perfumes.

From their homes, customers can take advantage of a private, tailor-made and highly professional service as in The Merchant of Venice boutiques.

Each fragrance is meticulously presented describing its olfactory notes and the precious raw materials with sophisticated terms and languages ​​acquired through study and years of experience. By listening to the needs and requests of customers, the expert perfumers will give personalized advices to find the essence that best suits the personality of each person.

A dynamic that has been refined over the years also thanks to the experience at the Perfume Museum at Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice. The ability to describe the history and origin of raw materials is the basis and the starting point for communicating the great passion and history that lies behind each creation.

The service is active writing to

Subsequently, starting from 2021, through a direct and live connection.

Personal shoppers will be available to advise customers in their choices in English, German and Italian.

The first personal shopper is Christian Waas. He comes from a family of perfumers and he has collaborated with several international perfumery houses, like The Merchant of Venice for which he was in charge of the training in Germany and in Austria. Thanks to his ability to combine in-depth knowledge of perfume with sales expertise, together with his passion for history and culture, he makes his presentations exciting experiences. He is fluent in German and English.

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