"Sensorial Journey between Venice and the Orient"

The Merchant of Venice, the brand of artistic perfumery closely related to Venice and its history, opens its first SPA inside the exclusive Venetian resort, San Clemente Palace Kempinski. The resort, a few minutes by boat from St. Mark's Square, is located on a private island that bears the same name. The Merchant of Venice SPA is the first wellness area to offer treatments and massages with oils created by The Merchant of Venice. Their formulae are based on ancient Oriental recipes imported over the centuries to Venice by its merchants. Essential oils such as sandalwood, jojoba and bergamot, combined with room fragrances inspired by aromatherapy, invite one to enjoy a true ""sensory journey between Venice and the Orient,"" by generating a deep feeling of relaxation and regeneration of both body and mind.

The world of wellness met on 2019 21st October in Dubai to proclaim the winners of the World SPA Awards 2019, a prestigious international competition that every year awards the best SPAs in the world for every country and every continent. The Merchant of Venice SPA has been proclaimed best Italian & European Hotel SPA.

The following year it won the same award for the italian category.



The elegant SPA covers two floors of a building adjacent to the hotel, reopened in 2016 by Kempinski, a historic brand of luxury accommodation. In its 380 square meters, it includes a moisturising area – Finnish Sauna, Turkish Bath, and Emotive Showers - a relaxing lounge, a wellness area and four treatment rooms.


with its rare and noble notes. The sandal essential oil, known for centuries for its anti-stress action, is the main ingredient in the re-equilibration treatment of La Rotta di Marco Polo. The bergamot, also called the Gold of Italy given its calming and relaxing properties, is used for water-reduction massage. The treatment, The Secrets of Isabella Cortese, is inspired by an ancient recipe book of cosmetic secrets; due to the properties of lavender essential oil, this treatment helps to reduce stress and harmonise the body.

Another unique treatment is the Face Gold-Treatment. Since antiquity, gold has been the symbol of beauty: it was applied to the skin to make it glow. The innovative and luxurious full-body treatment, Splendor Antiage by The Merchant of Venice, is based on eleven 24K gold leaves, applied to the skin along with two pre- and post-treatment serums based on vitamin E.

The golden leaves are handmade by the artist, Mario Berta, who works in the heart of Venice. In the SPA Suite guests are able to indulge themselves in a pure luxury experience. It is a haven for two people, intimate and exclusive, entirely dedicated to regenerating both mind and body.

The Merchant of Venice fragances

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