The Merchant of Venice fragrances recall the ancient Venetian Perfuming Art, narrated in the Museum of Perfume in Palazzo Mocenigo, located in the heart of Venice.

The section dedicated to Perfume develops through a path of six exhibition halls.

Starting from the presentation of cosmetic history, particularly focused on the role of Venice, it presents original instruments, historical artifacts, texts, precious documents and an extraordinary collection of perfume bottles, real jewels of ancient craftsmanship.

Among these rooms the history of the Venetian perfumery,its origins and its development is unveiled, with particular attention to the role of the merchants of the city and to the precious raw materials transported from the East throughout the West.

The Perfume Museum

"A dynamic museum offering a perfume study center with fragrance composition courses, a multimedia laboratory and a White Room dedicated entirely to temporary exhibitions."
This path was realized in 2013 thanks to the collaboration between the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia and the Vidal family, making use of the contribution of specialized researchers and important personalities of the cultural world such as set designer Pier Luigi Pizzi who oversaw the setting up.
In the same year, the Venetian company was awarded WITH the IMPRESA + CULTURA Award promoted by Federculture.
Museum of Perfume, Mocenigo Palace
Santa Croce, 1992, Venice
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Original instruments, historical artifacts, texts, precious documents and an extraordinary collection of perfume bottles, real jewels of ancient craftsmanship.

To celebrate the restart, in May 2022, two innovative exhibitions were inaugurated: Accordi di Profumo and Es-senze

The Perfumery Art Exhibition Accordi di Profumo is set up in the White Room on the ground floor of Palazzo Mocenigo, it represents an invitation to rediscover the sense of smell by focusing attention on the great ingredients of contemporary perfumery, with an eye to sustainability and the future of the same.

The exhibition - which celebrates the sustainable perfume supply chain project conceived by The Merchant of Venice and Givaudan - is an extraordinary journey to discover the sustainable ecosystem that revolves around excellent quality raw materials: an olfactory journey which allows the visitor to discover the peculiarities of traceable raw materials and how they are transformed and combined, giving life to fragrances.

With this exhibition, The Merchant of Venice therefore presents the homonymous line of Accordi di Profumo.

Es-senze. Contemporary artists and scent. An exhibition conceived and curated by Pier Paolo Pancotto, it is a contemporary art exhibition.
On the first floor of Palazzo Mocenigo - Study Center of the History of Textiles, Costume and Perfume - a multisensory journey unfolds composed of installations created by twelve international visual artists who experiment with the use of smell and sensory components. it related in their creations.

Among them, Mircea Cantor, Mateusz Choróbski, Jason Dodge, Bruna Esposito, Eva Marisaldi, Florian Mermin, Giuseppe Penone, Paola Pivi, Namsal Siedlecki, Achraf Touloub, Nico Vascellari and Luca Vitone.

To complete the exhibition, the presentation of an original document, the Flora Futurista Manifesto by Fedele Azari interpreted here by Nicola Pozzani, creative director of Mavive, in collaboration with the perfumer Gael Montero who translated it into a perfume original that evokes the artificial odor promoted in Azari's 1924 text.

The exhibitions are open daily until 27.11.22

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