Blue Tea by The Merchant of Venice has been announced best feminine design by the Spanish ACADEMIA DEL PERFUME.

On Wednesday 28 October, the Academia del Perfume proclaimed the winners of the annual awards for the best fragrances. As in the previous editions, the Spanish institution has valued and identified the best candidates in the various categories, thanks to the contribution of a professional jury and subsequently giving space to the public of perfumes enthusiasts to express their opinion. The categories consider all the creative, innovative and
most iconic aspects that characterize women's and men's fragrances.
This year The Merchant of Venice had the honor of being among the candidates and of winning the Feminine Design Award with the fragrance Blue Tea. A category of great importance in the current panorama of perfumery, which testifies to the ability of the Venetian brand to emerge not only for the high quality of the exclusive fragrance, but also for communicating the inspiration that guided the olfactory creation in the artistic elements of
the packaging.

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