The designer of this prestigious small "cameo jewel" is Mestro, Pier Luigi Pizzi, one of the most pre-eminent stage designers in the world. Maestro Pizzi previously curated the restyling and layout project for the Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice, which includes the multisensorial Perfume Museum that, in turn, inspired the concept of The Merchant of Venice. The décor motif employs the classic hue, Venetian Red - as the Maestro explains:

“In Milan, Brera means art.

The Merchant of Venice is perfumery art.

My design is nostalgically reminiscent of the classic nobleness of ancient pharmacies, ideally merged with the contemporary context of functional shelves.

The Venetian Red is the chromatic dominating element that exalts the Brand in this aristocratic urban space.”

The attention of the visitor is immediately captured by an Aedicule featuring Corinthian columns with gilded capitals. At the sides of these columns are displayed the Murano vases of the prestigious Murano Art Collection, which in turn frame a giant picture of a bottle from the Exclusive line.

Behind the Aedicule, the entire expanse of the walls are back-illuminated and further embellished with special shelves. The shelves exalt the elegance of the products of the brand and of the unique Murano-glass items, such as a collection of precious vases.

The map of the mude routes (screen-printed in gold on one of the store's side-mirrors), the olfactory organ, and an interactive point are the key elements of the brand's visual culture and they narrate the story of the Venetian perfumery tradition that inspired The Merchant of Venice.

Marco Vidal, CEO of The Merchant of Venice, comments on the new opening:

“For such a prestigious venue we wanted to develop a retail project completely new and yet rich in cultural and architectural connections, and in harmony with the surrounding elements such as, the Accademia di Brera, and the Teatro La Scala. In this project, we also wanted to keep the brand's origin: the nuances, the glass decorations, and the red furniture define its indisputable relationship with its native land, Venice. The foremost interpreter of this great evocative operation is certainly Pier Luigi Pizzi, who was born in Brera and became a Venetian, and who has already created with great passion the design of the Perfume Museum and The Merchant of Venice. In this latest venture in Milan, Pizzi once again leaves his professional signature in his unique contribution of style and vision.”

From Monday to Sunday: 10.00am - 1.00pm / 2.00pm - 7.00pm

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