Official presentation of the exclusive partnership between Mavive and the Gondoliers Association of Venice

On Friday, October 20th, 2023, at 10.30 am in the Sala Grande of the Municipality of Venice, a press conference will take place for the official presentation of the exclusive partnership between Mavive and the Association of Gondoliers of Venice for the relaunch and conservation of the city’s historic ferry service.

The Gondoliers Association of Venice manages the historic ferry service of Venice and has undertaken, in agreement with the city institutions, an ambitious relaunch project. The project is aimed at strengthening the already active stations, opening new crossings, maintaining them as well as the boats, and promoting both the service for the community and sustainable mobility in Venice.

The Venetian company Mavive, through its brand The Merchant of Venice, supports the relaunch project in a concrete way, by becoming its exclusive partner, supporting part of the maintenance costs of the parade ferries, and promoting the service through content production and diffusion through their communication channels.

The agreement, signed on January 1st, 2022, foresees the presence of a plaque with “The Merchant of Venice” logo inside the ferry gondolas of the active stations and includes various activities planned for the promotion of the image of Venice and its iconic gondolas.

Mavive and The Merchant of Venice have, for years, been committed to promoting and sharing tradition, quality, and sustainable business development in Venice, both for the city itself and for its citizens. This mission is achieved through cultural activities and in support of local traditions, directly or in partnership with important Venetian entities, such as the Association of Gondoliers of Venice.

The gondola, a traditional vessel par excellence, is an icon of the city of Venice and a virtuous example of a sustainable and ecological means of transport. Although known to most as a romantic attraction, it is the means of a service used mainly by those who live the Venice experience.

It therefore must be preserved, not only for its high historical and artistic value, but also because it represents an efficient solution to address the problem of mobility and pollution that afflict the lagoon city.

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