Maria Callas Edp
Maria Callas Edp
Maria Callas Edp
Maria Callas Edp

Maria Callas Edp

An Eau de Parfum that is like Maria Callas, with its unmistakable elegance, but also its contrasts, its pathos, its complex personality yet to be revealed which created its myth: an unforgettable and mysterious fragrance, ready to conquer you.

  • 50ml
  • 100 Ml.
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The Maria Callas fragrance is modern and redefines the classic chypre accord.

Bright mandarin and lemon first intertwine with fresh black pepper to awaken the senses.

In the heart notes, an iconic rose and tender neroli buds add and express the femininity and elegance of the Divina, while the depth of Cedarwood, Georgywood and melodious Akigalawood gives strength and charm to the creation. This woody interweaving offers tenacity to the fragrance.

An Eau de Parfum with floral notes and that conceals an intense amber base with a multifaceted but persistent character, a metaphor for the personality of Maria Callas.

Olfatory Pyramid

Top notes

Limone Italia
Mandarino Integrale Italy Orpur™
Olio di pepe nero Madagascar Orpur™

Heart notes

Accordo Verde Croccante
Accordo di Rosa e Ribes
Boccioli di Neroli Nord Africa Orpur™

Base Notes

Akigalawood ™
Legno di cedro Texas Orpur™
Legno di cedro Virginia Orpur™

Special Projects

The highest expression of The Merchant of Venice's creativity and luxury, refinement and attention to detail. Each fragrance, encased in a bottle with a distinct and unique identity, tells a story that always finds a connection to the city of Venice by combining more special olfactory notes.

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